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Op deze pagina kun je ruim 3000 Engelse uitdrukkingen, spreekwoorden en gezegden opzoeken, met een verklaring in het Nederlands. Zoekopdrachten die geen resultaat opleveren worden opgeslagen, zodat we ons bestand kunnen aanvullen.

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memory like a sieve

geheugen als een vergiet

if somebody can't remember things and quickly forgets

memory like an elephant

geheugen als een olifant

when a person has a very good memory indeed

millstone round your neck

blok aan je been

a millstone around your neck is a problem that prevents you from doing what you want to do

mince words

de boel verdraaien

if people mince their words, they don't say what they really mean clearly

mind your own beeswax

let op je eigen zaken

people should mind their own business

mind your p's and q's

je goed gedragen

when you are careful about the way you behave and are polite

mint condition

in prima conditie

if something is in mint condition, it is in perfect condition

misery guts


a misery guts is a person who's always unhappy and tries to make others feel negative

miss the boat

de boot missen

if you miss the boat, you are too late to take advantage of an opportunity

money burns a hole in your pocket

geld brandt in je zak

be eager to spend money, normally in a wasteful manner

money doesn't grow on trees

geld groeit niet op mijn rug

you have to work to earn money; it doesn't come without effort

money laundering

geld witwassen

get illegal money into the mainstream so that it is believed to be legitimate and clean