engelse grammatica veelgebruikte uitdrukkingen

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Op deze pagina kun je ruim 3000 Engelse uitdrukkingen, spreekwoorden en gezegden opzoeken, met een verklaring in het Nederlands. Het zijn de uitdrukkingen die worden gebruikt door Engelse en Amerikaanse jongeren. Zoekopdrachten die geen resultaat opleveren worden opgeslagen, zodat we ons bestand kunnen aanvullen.

Pas overigens op met het gebruik van spreekwoorden. Het is goed om ze te kennen, maar als je ze te veel gebruikt klink je net als je oma. Ook trendy uitdrukkingen kunnen link zijn: wat vandaag ziek is, is morgen sneu.

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calm before the storm

de stilte voor de storm

a calm time immediately before period of violent activity or argument

calm your tits

rustig maar

if someone who is being overdramatic or too enthusiastic

can of worms

de beerput openen

if an action can create serious problems, it is opening a can of worms

can't do it for toffee

lukt gewoon niet

if you can't so something for toffee, you are incapable of doing something properly

can't hold a candle

zich niet kunnen meten met

if something can't hold a candle to something else, it is much worse

can't see the wood for trees

door de bomen het bos niet zien

there are so many explanations that I can't see the wood for trees

canary in a coal mine

eerste tekenen van gevaar

a canary in a coal mine is an early warning of danger

card up your sleeve

een plan achter de hand hebben

if you have a card up your sleeve, you have a surprise plan that you keep back until the time is right

care about

belangrijk vinden

he says they simply don't care about the environment

care for

geven om

she doesn't care much for holidays

care for

zorgen voor

she cares for her sick mother

carry the can

de schuld op je nemen

if you carry the can, you take the blame for something, even though you didn't do it

case by case

stuk voor stuk

if things are done case by case, each situation or issue is handled separately

cash in your chips

snel cashen

sell something to get what profit you can because you think its value is going to fall

cast a long shadow

je schaduw vooruit werpen

something or someone that casts a long shadow has considerable influence on other people or events

cast aspersion

iemand zwart maken

try to blacken someone's name and make people think badly of them

cast doubt on

verdacht maken

if you make other people not sure about a matter, then you have cast doubt on it

cast iron stomach

een loden pijp hebben

a person with a cast iron stomach can eat or drink anything without any ill effects

cast pearls before swine

parels voor de zwijnen

offer something of value to someone who doesn't appreciate it

cast sheep's eyes at

een verliefde blik

if you cast sheep's eyes at at someone, you look lovingly or with longing at them

cast your mind back

terugdenken aan

think about something that happened in the past

cast your net widely

alle hulpmiddelen gebruiken

if you cast your net widely, you use a wide range of sources when trying to find something

casting vote

beslissende stem

the casting vote is a vote given to a chairman or president that is used when there is a deadlock

castles in the air


pete is building castles in the air again

cat got your tongue?

ben je je tong verloren?

if someone asks if the cat has got your tongue, they want to know why you are not speaking

cat nap

uiltje knappen

if you have a short sleep during the day, you are cat napping

cat's pajamas


something that is the cat's pajamas is excellent

cat's whiskers


something excellent is the cat's whiskers

catch 22

catch 22

catch-22 is a situation where conflicting rules make the desired outcome impossible

catch as catch can

op wat voor manier dan ook

this means that people should try to get something any way they can