engelse grammatica veelgebruikte uitdrukkingen

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Op deze pagina kun je ruim 3000 Engelse uitdrukkingen, spreekwoorden en gezegden opzoeken, met een verklaring in het Nederlands. Zoekopdrachten die geen resultaat opleveren worden opgeslagen, zodat we ons bestand kunnen aanvullen.

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touch down


the plane touched down at narita airport an hour late

touch on


the talk touched on the issue, but didn't give any new information

touch up


I just touched up the bits that needed painting the most

touch up


she got angry when he tried to touch her up in the elevator

touch wood

op hout kloppen

this idiom is used to wish for good luck ('knock on wood' is also used)

tough as old boots

taai als leer

something or someone that is as tough as old boots is strong and resilient

tough cookie

een taaie

a tough cookie is a person who will do everything necessary to achieve what they want

tough luck

pech hebben

tough luck is bad luck

tough nut to crack

moeilijke opdracht

when it is difficult to find the solution or when it is difficult to get someone to do what you want

trace over


copy something by placing a thin sheet of paper over it and drawing an outline

trade in


she traded in her old car for the new model

trade off


a longer working week was traded off for a pay rise