engelse grammatica veelgebruikte uitdrukkingen

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Op deze pagina kun je ruim 3000 Engelse uitdrukkingen, spreekwoorden en gezegden opzoeken, met een verklaring in het Nederlands. Zoekopdrachten die geen resultaat opleveren worden opgeslagen, zodat we ons bestand kunnen aanvullen.



niet te voorspellen resultaat

if a sports match or an election is a cliffhanger, then the result is very close

climb on the bandwagon


where there is a success, there's always people climbing on the bandwagon

cling to hope

blijven hopen

if people cling to hope, they continue to hope though the chances of success are very small

close at hand

onder handbereik

she keeps her medication close at hand

close call

nog onbeslist

today's election results are a close call

close shave

op het nippertje

those cars nearly run in to each other it was a close shave that!

close the stable door after the horse has bolted

de put dempen nadat het kalf verdronken is

if people try to fix something after the problem has occurred

close to your heart

in je hart koesteren

he held that picture close to his heart

closed book

een gesloten boek

something that you don't understand or know anything about

cloth ears

oren die dichtzitten

if you don't listen to people, you have cloth ears

cloud of suspicion

een zweem van verdenking

if a cloud of suspicion hangs over an individual, they are not believed or are distrusted

cloud on the horizon

beren op de weg

if you can see a problem ahead, you can call it a cloud on the horizon