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Op deze pagina kun je ruim 3000 Engelse uitdrukkingen, spreekwoorden en gezegden opzoeken, met een verklaring in het Nederlands. Zoekopdrachten die geen resultaat opleveren worden opgeslagen, zodat we ons bestand kunnen aanvullen.

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do away with

afschaffen /weg doen

britain did away with the death penalty in 1965

do out of


his lying did me out of a chance of a new job

do their dirty work

het vuile werk opknappen

carry out the unpleasant jobs, that someone else doesn't want to do

do up


come here, i'll do up your buttons

do up


it took them six weeks to do up their kitchen

do without

buiten kunnen

I can really do without your smug face, sharon!

do's and don't's

wat kan wel en wat kan niet

the do's and don't's are what is acceptable or allowed or not within an area or issue

dodge the bullet

een probleem ontwijken

if someone has dodged a bullet, they have successfully avoided a very serious problem

dog days

hete zomerdagen

dog days are very hot summer days

dog eat dog

iets hard spelen uit puur eigenbelang

in a dog eat dog world, there is intense competition and rivalry, where everybody thinks only of himself

dog tired


if you are dog tired, you are exhausted



if a book is dog-eared, it is in bad condition, with torn pages, etc