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kiss and tell


if people kiss and tell, they disclose private or confidential information

kiss of death

de kus des doods

the kiss of death is an action that means ruin for someone

kiss something goodbye

zeg maar dag met je handje

when you can kiss something goodbye, you have no chance of getting it

kissing cousin

verre nicht of neef

a kissing cousin is someone you are related to, but not closely

knickers in a twist

druk maken om niets

when your knickers are in a twist, you are angry over something trivial

knight in shining armour

ridder op het witte paard

a knight in shining armour saves you when you are in great trouble

knit your brows

je wenkbrauwen fronsen

if you knit your brows, you frown or look worried

knock 'em dead

veel geluk

knock 'em dead' is used as a way of wishing someone luck

knock about

dreun geven

he knocked his brother about after they argued

knock down


they knocked down the old church and built a block of flats in its place

knock off


we knocked off early on friday to avoid the rush hour queues

knock on wood

hout afkloppen

this is used to wish for good luck ('touch wood' is also used)

knock out

buiten westen slaan

the reigning middleweight champion knocked out the challenger in the fourth round

knock something on the head

iets de kop indrukken

if you knock something on the head, you stop it or stop doing it