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other side of the coin

andere kant van de medaille

a different, usually opposing, view of a situation

out like a light

slapen als een blok

if you are out like a light, you fall fast asleep

out of hand

uit de hand lopen

if something gets out of hand, it gets out of control

out of my league

te hoog gegrepen

if someone is out of your league, you aren't good enough for them

out of pocket

verlies lijden

if you are out of pocket on a deal, you have lost money

out of sight, out of mind

uit het oog uit het hart

someone will not think about something if it isn't directly visible or available to them

out of sorts

niet goed in je vel zitten

if you are feeling a bit upset and depressed, you are out of sorts

out of sorts

niet in goede doen zijn

not feeling well; grumpy and irritable.

out of the box

buiten de kaders treden

thinking out of the box is thinking in a creative way

out of the frying pan, into the fire

van de regen in de drup

when you get out of one problem, but find yourself in a worse situation

out of the mouths of babes

kinderen en dronken mensen

people say this when children unexpectedly say something very intelligent or wise

out of this world

helemaal geweldig

if something is out of this world, it is fantastic