engelse grammatica veelgebruikte uitdrukkingen

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Op deze pagina kun je ruim 3000 Engelse uitdrukkingen, spreekwoorden en gezegden opzoeken, met een verklaring in het Nederlands. Het zijn de uitdrukkingen die worden gebruikt door Engelse en Amerikaanse jongeren. Zoekopdrachten die geen resultaat opleveren worden opgeslagen, zodat we ons bestand kunnen aanvullen.

Pas overigens op met het gebruik van spreekwoorden. Het is goed om ze te kennen, maar als je ze te veel gebruikt klink je net als je oma. Ook trendy uitdrukkingen kunnen link zijn: wat vandaag ziek is, is morgen sneu.

zoek een uitdrukking:


their bark is worse than their bite

blaffende honden bijten niet

get angry and shout and make threats, but don't actually do anything

there are many ways to skin a cat

vele wegen leiden naar Rome

there are many different ways of doing the same thing

there you are

daar sta je dan

well, there you are then, you clever pillock

there you go

zo zie je maar

when something unexpected happened

there's no such thing as a free lunch

voor niets gaat de zon op

you don't get things for free

they are wack

ze zuigen

they really suck

thick as mince


if someone is as thick as mince, they are very stupid indeed

thick as thieves

dikke maatjes

if people are thick as thieves, they are very close friends


een huid als een olifant hebben

if a person is thick-skinned, they are not affected by criticism

thin blue line

de politie

the thin blue line is a term for the police

thin line

dunne lijn

if there's a thin line between things, it's hard to distinguish them


snel geraakt

if somebody is thin-skinned, they are very sensitive to any sort of criticism

think outside the box

buiten de kaders denken

if you think outside the box, you think in an imaginative and creative way

think over

nadenken over

I thought it over and made up my mind

think the world of

hoog achten

to hold something or someone in very high esteem to love or admire immensely

think through


the plan failed because it wasn't thought through properly

think up


i'd better think up a good reason for being late

third degree

de duimschroeven aandraaien

if someone is given the third degree, they are put under a great deal of pressure to tell the truth

third time's the charm

drie keer is scheepsrecht

this is used when the third time one tries something, one achieves a successful outcome

this, that and the other

zus en zo

she went on and on about this, that and the other

thorn in your side

blok aan je been

a thorn in your side is someone or something that makes life difficult for you

three sheets to the wind

kachel zijn

if someone is three sheets to the wind, they are (very) drunk

thrilled to bits

heel erg blij

if you are thrilled to bits, you are extremely pleased or excited about something

through thick and thin

door dik en dun

support someone during good times and bad

throw a sickie

je ziek melden

if you pretend to be ill to take a day off work or school, you throw a sickie

throw caution to the wind

een waarschuwing in de wind slaan

when people throw caution to the wind, they take a great risk

throw down the gauntlet

de handschoen werpen

throw down the gauntlet is to issue a challenge to somebody

throw in the towel

de handdoek in de ring gooien

if you throw in the towel, you admit that you are defeated or cannot do something

throw someone in at the deep end

iemand in het diepe gooien

deal with serious issues the moment you start something

throw someone to the wolves

iemand voor de wolven gooien

if someone is thrown to the wolves, they have to face trouble on their own