engelse grammatica voegwoorden

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Engelse voegwoorden zijn niet zo ingewikkeld. Net als in het Nederlands worden ze gebruikt om woorden en zinsdelen samen te voegen tot een zin. Hieronder geven we een overzicht van de meest voorkomende voegwoorden. Als je op de oranje link klikt krijg je meer info over dat voegwoord.

Voegwoorden - coordinating conjunctions

I went home, and Nick stayed at Nathan's.
It's weird, but I like it.
I can't see the problem, or am I missing something?
Penny saw no harm in it, nor did I.
I go there every weekend, for I like that club.
I always bring my e-reader, yet I never find time to read.
I said yes, so now I have to actually do it.

Voegwoorden - correlative conjunctions

Both / and
I'll have both the cheesecake and the frozen yoghurt.
Not only / but also
He ate not only the main course but also all side dishes.
Either / or
She wanted either the blue shirt or nothing at all.
Neither / nor
Penny feared neither his parents nor his sisters.
Whether / or
He had to go, whether he wanted to or not.
As / as
At ten years old, Jonathan was almost as tall as me.
Such / that
Such was the heat, that the ice melted within seconds.
Scarcely / when
Scarcely had they arrived when the thunderstorm broke loose.
As many / as
There were as many boys as there were girl.
No sooner / than
I'd no sooner lie to you than strangle a puppy.
Rather / than
Colin rather played the drums than the piano.

Voegwoorden - subordinating conjunctions

I went home only after she told me to.
It was good, although not as good as they said.
As he left he realised he forgot his bag.
As long as
Penny was OK with it, as long as Caroline paid for it.
She really didn't like it because it was not her style.
They bought the new iPhone just before it was sold out.
Even if
I wouldn't want it, even if you paid me.
I'll buy it, if that is what you want.
She'll like it once she has seen it.
Now that
It's alright now that you have said so.
He has changed since he met her.
Go on then, though you won't find it.
We'll never see her unless you hurry up.
He drank and drank until he was plastered.
I go there every time when she plays.
Oh, now I know where you got it!
So I was sat here while you were having fun?